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o follow ●the rules at a〓ll times, 〓in all cases and ●for all people - c○itizens and v〓isitors ali■ke, according to■ the statemen〓t."We have trust● in the Canadi■an judicial ○process - and● we look forward to● seeing Ms. Men■g's freedom〓 restored,■" Howes added.Meng w●as arreste●d on Dec. 1, 2018●, at Vancouver's◆ airport at the req〓uest of th●e United States, w◆hich is seeking her ◆extradition on f■raud charges.Both ◆Meng and Huawei ◆have repeatedly d〓enied any wrongdoing●. Please 〓scan the QR 〓Code to fo◆llow us on I〓nstagramPlease● scan the QR Code to〓 follow us ○on WechatItal

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y rol●ls out welcome ◆mat for Huawei de●spite U.S. pressure〓Italy rolls o○ut welcome mat for H○uawei desp●ite U.S. pressureIta◆ly rolls out welc〓ome mat for Hu◆awei despite U.S.● pressure05-03-2◆019 10:12

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BJTROME, M■ay 2 -- Italy is re○sisting pressure f◆rom the United〓 States by allowing● Chinese tel●ecommunicatio○ns equipment make〓r Huawei Techno◆logies to parti●cipate in the rol■lout of its 5G t●elecommunications n●etwork.Last month, S●weden's Ericsso◆n and former Italia〓n state tel◆ecommunica〓tions monopoly● Telecom Italia■ inaugurated Ital●y's first 5G-con■nected airport○ at Rome's Fiumicino〓, the country's lar●gest. But the rollo■ut is just getting ◆started.Dur●ing a visit to Ch●ina in late A○pril, Italian Pri○me Minister Giusepp■e Conte vow〓ed that Huawei wou◆ld not face a●ny discrimina●tion in Italy. 〓During his ●visit, Conte m〓et with Huawe●i Chief Execut○ive Re

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